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Musubi is a reflective ERC-20 community token with a dynamic fee structure that rewards holders, especially when whales take profit.

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Sells are healthy. Let's eat them up!

MUSUBI's tokenomics do not prohibit large profit-taking. Instead, all sells incur a dynamic fee relative to the sell's price impact, with a minimum fee of 10% and a maximum fee of 40%. Three-fifths (3/5) of the fee is redistributed to existing holders, so large sells mean large reflection rewards.

Additionally, there is no sell limit, so you will not find yourself with unrealized gains when you decide to take profit. The MUSUBI ecosystem welcomes whales and minnows alike.

Musubi dumps the dumps!

Our chefs at MUSUBI have identified a problem that plagues many fee tokens: a huge, steady pump, and a startlingly large dump at the local 'top'. We've concocted a clever approach to mitigating that problem, with a tempered fee-taking mechanism that claims fees in increments, rather than all at once, as in other fee tokens.

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